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Lladro Pure Emotion 2011

September 22, 2011


Issue Year: 2011
Sculptor: Fulgencio García
Size: 45×45 cm
Limited Edition 1000 pieces


Lladro from Spain – Montinas

Lladro 01963 RAMA & SITA

September 13, 2011
Lladro 01001963 Rama & Sita

Rama & Sita

#01963 RAMA & SITA (L.E.)

They are two pieces gathered in one only reference that belong to a scene that will be completed in 2013 with two more creations, Laksmana and Hanuman. Four prominent figures wich are fundamental in the cultural conscience of the India.

Rama is one of the most venerated gods in the Hindu philosophy and one of the Vishnu’s vicissitudes(reincarnations), one of the excellent deities of the Hinduism. He is the God of the correct behaviour and his mission is to restore the justice. The history of his life was told for the first time in the Ramayana, one of the most important epic works in Sanskrit of the ancient India, ascribed to the the legendary wise man Valmiki, and it has been told in all the languages of the India from 500 B.C. up to the current. He is represented in blue colour, the skin tonality of the hindu deities and with the attributes of the arch and the arrows. With them it rescued to Sita, his wife, who was kidnapped by the demon Ravana. For it he counted on his brother Laksmana, and his devout, the monkey Hanuman. It remained for 14 years exiled in the forest due to familiar avarice. Yet two more outstanding creations that further contrubute to Lladro´s recognition of Hindu Culture and which Montinas – Lladro From Spain would like to introduce to you.

Lladro from Spain – Montinas